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Welcome!  We are the proud descendants of

William & Adeliza Allen

who were born on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera around 1850.

We are currently in search of photos of William & Addie,

but allow us to introduce six of their nine their offspring, who are pictured below.


William "Willie Butcher" Allen, eldest son of William & Addie, who remained in the Bahamas and became the family patriarch.Mary Elizabeth Allen Carey, daughter of William & Addie Allen.  She settled in Key West in 1892.James A. Allen, son of William & Addie Allen.  He settled in Key West in 1903.

Rev. Alenander Allen, son of William & Addie Allen.  He settled in Miami in 1909.Rev. George W. Allen, son of William & Addie Allen.  He settled in Key West in 1897.Samuel Allen, son of William & Addie, who settled in Miami.

Allen offspring pictured above are:

Top row:  William "Willie Butcher" Allen, Mary Allen Carey & James Allen

Bottom row:  Rev. Alexander Allen, Rev. George Allen & Samuel Allen

William & Addie's nine offspring were:

William Wilkerson "Willie Butcher" Allen, Jr.    t    Mary Elizabeth Allen Carey

James Alfred Allen    t    Rev. George Whitfield Allen

Gertrude Allen     Rev. Alexander Allen    t    Samuel Joseph Allen

Charles Wesley Allen    t    Susan Allen

Though seven of William & Addie's nine offspring settled in the United States via

Miami and Key West in the late 1800s and early 1900s, their eldest son William

and their youngest daughter Susan remained in the land of their birth.

Visit our Family History page for each of their stories.

Today, more than 800 of their descendants are citizens of the Bahamas,

South Florida and the world!


The Allen Family - one of the largest families of island descent in the U.S. & Caribbean!


The Allen Family Reunions were originated by Mrs. Faye Carey Smith

Great-granddaughter of William & Addie Allen

Her vision is the inspiration for this website,

and her guidance is the driving force behind every Allen Family Reunion.  Thank you, Faye!


Website designed and maintained by Ms. Carmen Turner

Great, great-granddaughter of William & Addie Allen


Website sponsored by the Nassau Allen Family Reunion Committee

A gift to our family, from the descendants of William "Willie Butcher" Allen



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