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Descendants of

William Wilkerson Allen


& Adeliza Allen


"In every conceivable manner,

the family is the link to our past, and the

bridge to our future."  -- Alex Haley, author of Roots


     The tree at the right was planted by our family in Key West's Bayview Park to commemorate the 2002 Allen Family Reunion.  Though battered by several hurricanes in 2005, it's still standing. 

     The Allen Family has endured in much the same way. Our roots are deep, and our branches are strong.  Faith and our commitment to excellence are two of our greatest attributes.   

     It has been said that the family is one of nature's masterpieces.  Ours certainly is a work of art - a mosaic of people whose skin and features range from European to African.  We are Bahamians, Americans and citizens of the world.  But no matter how different we may appear, we have one very important thing in common - a shared heritage as descendants of William & Adeliza Allen.

     More than 1,200 Allen descendants are included on our family tree.  The link below will open history's door and give you a glimpse of both our past and our future...

Family Tree


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