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The Ties That Bind


Below you'll find an alphabetical list of the descendants of William & Addie Allen,

along with each person's relationship to our founding couple.

Can you find your name and relationship code?


And can you guess who the Allen descendants in these ancestral photos are?

Place your cursor over each for the answer!


Photo Submission Credits:

Mary Turner, Sarah Allen, Mandy Moncur, Cuore-e Sippio, Tomea Smith

Additional photos are welcome!



Kinship Report for William & Addie Allen:


Adana, Teneshia  - 3rd great-granddaughter
Adkins, Kayla  - 4th great-granddaughter
Aki, Alex  - 3rd great-grandsonAn Allen wedding: Leon & Georgia Oliver, Marjorie Wright, Charles Allen and Kermet Thompson, widow of George B. Allen (eldest son of Rev. George W. Allen), celebrate the happy occasion in style!
Aki, Evan  - 3rd great-grandson
Aki, Leilani - 3rd great-granddaughter
Aki, Michelle Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Alce, Dehavalyn Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Alexander, Shanea - 4th great-granddaughter
Allen, Aaliyah - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Alexander - Son
Allen, Alexander III - Great-grandson
Allen, Alexander, Jr. - Grandson
Allen, Alfred - Grandson
Allen, Alice - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Alonza - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Alonzo - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Althea - Great-granddaughter
Naomi Allen Christie, daughter of William "Willie Butcher" Allen, of Nassau. She was a nurse and mid-wife for more than 50 years.Allen, Anton - 4th great-grandson
Allen, Antonio - 4th great-grandson
Allen, Antonio - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Anya - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Audrey - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Betty - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Brad - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Brandi - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Braxton - Great-grandson
Allen, Calvin - Great-grandson
Allen, Calvin - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Calvin J. - Great-grandson
Allen, Calvin, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Carl - Great-grandsonMonica Allen Smith (daughter of Rev. Alexander Allen) of Daytona Beach as a girl.  She and her family hosted the 2004 reunion.
Allen, Carl - Great-grandson
Allen, Carl IV - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Carl, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Carl, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Carlton S. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Carlton S., Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Carlysle - Grandson
Allen, Cary - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Cassia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Cedric - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Cedric, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Cedrick - Great-grandson
Allen, Celina - Great-granddaughter
Rev. George W. Allen (center) with daughter Helen and son-in-law Leonard Carey.Allen, Charles - Great-grandson
Allen, Charles - Great-grandson
Allen, Charles Wesley  - Son
Allen, Charles, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Charles, Jr. - Grandson
Allen, Charles, Sr. - Great-grandson
Allen, Christen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Christopher - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Christopher A. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Clark - Great-grandson
Allen, Clark E.W. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Corey - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Cornelius - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Courtney - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Craig - Great-grandson
Allen, Craig III - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Craig, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Crawford - 3rd great-grandsonRev. George W. Allen, son of William & Addie Allen, as a young man.  He settled in Key West in 1897.
Allen, Darlene - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, David - Great-grandson
Allen, David, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Deitra - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Demetrius - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Demetrius - 4th great-grandson
Allen, Dornecia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Dorothy - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Edward - Great-grandson
Allen, Elizabeth - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Elizabeth - Granddaughter
Allen, Emarit - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Emerald - 4th great-granddaughter
Allen, Emerson - Grandson
Allen, Emerson, Jr. - Great-grandson
Allen, Eris - Grandson
Allen, Fred - Grandson
Mary Allen Carey, daughter of William & Addie, before her passing in 1962.Allen, Gary - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Geoffrey - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, George - Great-grandson
Allen, George - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, George B. - Grandson
Allen, George Whitfield - Son
Allen, Gertrude - Daughter
Allen, Gloria - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Gloria - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Greg - Great-grandson
Allen, Harold - Great-grandson

Allen, Helena Juliana - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Henry - Great-grandson
Allen, Henry Tony - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Isaiah - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Ivis Kermeta - Granddaughter
Allen, J. Harry - GrandsonAddie Allen McCartney, daughter of William "Willie Butcher" Allen of Nassau.  Age 93 when she passed in 2001, she became the matriarch of the McCartney clan.
Allen, Jade - 4th great-granddaughter
Allen, James - Great-grandson
Allen, James - Grandson
Allen, James - Great-grandson
Allen, James A. - Son
Allen, James, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Janae - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Janet - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Jasmine - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Jasmine - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Jeffrey - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, John W. - Grandson
Allen, Joi - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Joseph - Grandson
Allen men William, Harold, James, Harry & Leroy performed in the Men's Choir of Trinity Wesleyan Methodist Church in Key West. The church was founded by Rev. George W. Allen in 1932.Allen, Joseph - Great-grandson
Allen, Julian - Great-grandson
Allen, Karen - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Keena - 2nd great-granddaughter

Allen, Kendra - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Kendrick - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Kendyl - 4th great-granddaughter
Allen, Kennard - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Kenneth - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Kevin - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Kimberly - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Kirkwood - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, LaToya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Lauryn Janae - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Leo - Grandson
Allen, Leonard - Great-grandson
Allen, Leroy C. - Grandson
Allen, Libby - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Malik - 3rd great-grandsonRev. Leroy C. Allen of Key West as a young man at the family home on Elizabeth Street.  He's the son of Rev. George W. Allen.
Allen, Marcus - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Maria - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Michael - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Michael - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Michael - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Mildred - Granddaughter
Allen, Nichelle - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Nicola - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Omega - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Pascall - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Paul - Great-grandson
Allen, Peter - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Philbrick - Great-grandson
Allen, Philip - Grandson
Alexander Allen, Jr. (son of Rev. Alexander Allen) of Miami, with date.Allen, Philip - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Philip, Jr. - Great-grandson
Allen, Phyllis - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Princess - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Ricky - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Robert - Great-grandson
Allen, Robert Paul - Grandson
Allen, Ronald - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Ronald, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Samantha - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Samuel - Grandson
Allen, Samuel Joseph  - Son
Allen, Sean - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Shamika - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Sheldon - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Sonya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Stacy - 2nd great-granddaughter
Allen, Stephanie - 3rd great-granddaughterRev. George W. Allen (front left) with parishioners at Trinity Wesleyan Methodist, the church he founded in Key West.
Allen, Susan - Daughter
Allen, Tacorey - 4th great-grandson
Allen, Talia - 4th great-granddaughter
Allen, Tamaya - Great-granddaughter
Allen, Ted - Great-grandson
Allen, Tyrella - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Vera - Granddaughter
Allen, Wayne - Great-grandson
Allen, William - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, William E. - Grandson
Allen, William W. - Grandson
Allen, William W., Jr. - Great-grandson
Allen, William Wilkerson III - Grandson
Allen, William Wilkerson IV - Great-grandson
Allen, William Wilkerson, Jr.  - Son
Allen, Willie III - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, Willie, Jr. - Great-grandson
Allen, Wymon - 2nd great-grandson
Allen, X'Zavier - 3rd great-grandson
Allen, Yvette - 3rd great-granddaughter
Allen, Yvette - Great-granddaughter
Anderson, Ricky, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Andrews, Alicia - 2nd great-granddaughterIvis K. Allen Johnson (daughter of Rev. Alexander Allen) of Miami & spouse.
Andrews, Julian - 2nd great-grandson
Andrews, Miriam Carey - Granddaughter
Andrews, Mitchell - Great-grandson
Andrews, Mitchell, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Askew, Karen Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Askew, Thomas, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Askew, Tiffany - 3rd great-granddaughter
Avery, Dominique - 3rd great-granddaughter
Avery, Jaclian - 3rd great-granddaughter
Avery, Jacqua - 3rd great-granddaughter
Avery, Jerome III - 3rd great-grandson
Avery, Jerome, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Bailey, Alexandra - 3rd great-granddaughter
Bailey, Alphonso - Great-grandson
Bailey, Brian - 2nd great-grandson
Bailey, Christopher - 2nd great-grandsonViolet Allen Mitchell, daughter of Rev. George W. Allen of Key West.
Bailey, Diancia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Bailey, Elizabeth - 3rd great-granddaughter
Bailey, Ella Mae Allen - Granddaughter
Bailey, Julian - Great-grandson
Bailey, Kevin - 3rd great-grandson
Bailey, Lynn - 2nd great-granddaughter
Baltimore, Joseph - 2nd great-grandson
Barnes, Aniya - 4th great-granddaughter
Barnes, Misty Allen - Great-granddaughter
Beneby, Christine Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Beneby, Joshua - 3rd great-grandson
Bethel, Alice Allen - Granddaughter
Bethel, Barbara - 2nd great-granddaughter
Bethel, Brill - Great-grandson
Bethel, Gregory - 2nd great-grandson
Allen brothers, sons of Rev. George W. Allen:  Philip Allen (left) and Leroy Allen of Key West.  That's Philip's young son Philbrick in the middle!Bethel, Mark - 2nd great-grandson
Bethel, Paul - 2nd great-grandson
Bethel, William - Great-grandson
Blocker, Keena - 2nd great-granddaughter
Blocker, Kenya - 2nd great-granddaughter
Blocker, Millicent Allen - Great-granddaughter
Blocker, Rachael - 2nd great-granddaughter
Bradley, Debbie Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Bradley, Marcus - 3rd great-grandson
Branch, Alexander - 3rd great-grandson
Branch, Arron - 3rd great-grandson
Brice, Alana Allen - Great-granddaughter
Brice, Joey - 2nd great-grandson
Brice, Lamix - 2nd great-grandson
Brice, Max - 2nd great-grandson
Brice, Yorica - 2nd great-granddaughterAllen brothers George, Alexander and Samuel (from left) gather to take nephew Eris (right) to Tuskeegee University.  Young Alexander Jr. (front) is along for the trip.
Bridgeforth, Sheila Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Britt, Cheyenne - 4th great-granddaughter
Britt, Deidra Saunders - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brooks, Asheley - 4th great-granddaughter
Brooks, Gina - Great-granddaughter
Brooks, Kenneth, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Brooks, Lisa - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brooks, Ruth Allen - Granddaughter
Brooks, Shelly - Great-granddaughter
Brown, Barry - 2nd great-grandson
Brown, Brandon - 3rd great-grandson
Brown, Carla - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brown, Casey - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brown, Chevis - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brown, Clarence - 2nd great-grandson
Brown, Courtney - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brown, Gennieve Allen - Granddaughter
Brown, Hernando - 2nd great-grandson
Brown, Jeanette - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brown, Jeremiah - 3rd great-grandson
Brown, Kimberly - 3rd great-granddaughter
Brown, Leon - 2nd great-grandson
Brown, Milton - 2nd great-grandson
Brown, Ronell - 4th great-grandson
Brown, Ruth Allen - Great-granddaughter
Brown, Willie Mae Allen - Great-granddaughter
Brown, Zachary - 2nd great-grandson
Bryant, Crystal - 4th great-granddaughter
Bryant, Diamond - 4th great-granddaughter
Bryant, Precious - 3rd great-granddaughter
Burt, Austin - 4th great-grandson
Burt, David, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Butler, Ashley - 4th great-granddaughter

Butler, Brianna - 4th great-granddaughter
Butler, Curline Allen - Granddaughter
Butler, David - Great-grandson

Butler, D'Anthony - 4th great-grandson
Butler, Denise - 2nd great-granddaughter
Butler, Dennis III - 4th great-grandson
Butler, Dennis, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Butler, Floriette Edwards - Great-granddaughter
Butler, Shannon - 3rd great-granddaughter
Butterfield, Antonio - 4th great-grandson
Butterfield, Markia - 4th great-granddaughter
Butterfield, Quayshaun - 4th great-grandson
Calhoun, Machera - 3rd great-granddaughter
Calhoun, Yarneccia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Cantu, Belinda - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Alethea - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Allan - Great-grandson

Carey, Amonnie - 4th great-granddaughter
Carey, Amy - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Baldwin - Great-grandson
Carey, Bill - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Blair - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Boy - Grandson
Carey, Brandon - 3rd great-grandson

Carey, Brianna P. - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Calvin - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Carmelita - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Chavis - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Craig - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Crystal - Great-granddaughter
Carey, Darshaun - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Desanta - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Devontshae - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Eugene - Grandson
Carey, Florelle - Great-granddaughter
Carey, Frahia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Frakia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Franklin, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Franklin, Sr. - Great-grandson
Carey, Frederick - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Gareth - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Garey M. - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Gary A.M. - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, George - Grandson
Carey, George Kenneth - Great-grandson
Carey, Helen Allen - Granddaughter
Carey, Ivis McCartney - Great-granddaughter

Carey, Jazsmin - 4th great-granddaughter
Carey, Joshua - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Joy - 2nd great-granddaughter

Carey, Keira - 3rd great-granddaughter

Carey, Keishel - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Keith - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Keith - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Kenneth - Great-grandson
Carey, Kenneth - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Kenneth, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson

Carey, Keva - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Kevin - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Kevin, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Krista - 2nd great-granddaughter

Carey, Laniece - 4th great-granddaughter
Carey, Larry - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Larry, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson

Carey, Lataushia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Leonard - 2nd great-grandson

Carey, Marco - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Mariah - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Martine - 2nd great-granddaughter
Carey, Mary Elizabeth Allen  - Daughter
Carey, Melvin - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Melvin - 3rd great-grandson

Carey, Michael - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Miriam - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Miriam Allen - Great-granddaughter
Carey, Monaya Ahlise - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Miya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Narvee - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Nelson - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Nelson, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Newton - Grandson
Carey, Nicole - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Nicolle - 2nd great-granddaughter
Carey, Paul - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Paul - Great-grandson
Carey, Paul III - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Paul, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Peggy - 2nd great-granddaughter
Carey, Philip - Great-grandson
Carey, Philip - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Phillippa - 2nd great-granddaughter
Carey, Quamaine - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Raquel - 2nd great-granddaughter
Carey, Reginald - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Rodney - 2nd great-grandson
Carey, Ruth Allen - Granddaughter
Carey, Serita - 3rd great-granddaughter

Carey, Shannon D. - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Shawnte - 3rd great-granddaughter
Carey, Sonia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Carey, Tavares - 3rd great-grandson
Carey, Terry - Great-grandson
Carey, Theodora - 2nd great-granddaughter
Carey, Theodore - Great-grandson
Carey, Vaughn - 2nd great-grandson
Cargill, Ian - 3rd great-grandson
Cargill, Tamara McCartney - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cargill, Tia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Cartwright, Deitra - 3rd great-granddaughter
Cartwright, Derrick - 3rd great-grandson
Cartwright, Glendina Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cash, Cheryl Christie - Great-granddaughter
Cash, Christie - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cash, Earl, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Chacon, Dana Delancy - 3rd great-granddaughter
Chacon, Michael - 4th great-granddaughter
Chester, Karen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Chester, Michael - 2nd great-grandson
Childress, Andrea Milian - 3rd great-granddaughter
Childress, Janaya - 4th great-granddaughter
Childress, Jayden - 4th great-grandson
Christie, Adam - 2nd great-grandson
Christie, Alexandria - 2nd great-granddaughter
Christie, Cameron - 2nd great-grandson
Christie, Gary - Great-grandson
Christie, Gary, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Christie, Gavin - 2nd great-grandson
Christie, Josette Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Christie, Kevin - Great-grandson
Christie, Kianna - 2nd great-granddaughter
Christie, Naomi Allen - Granddaughter
Christie, Perry - Great-grandson
Christie, Steffan - 2nd great-grandson
Clark, Adrienne L. Leggett - 3rd great-granddaughter
Clark, Daniel - 4th great-grandson
Clark, Emanuel - 4th great-grandson
Clark, Lydia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cleare, Miriam - 3rd great-granddaughter
Cleare, Sylvia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cleare, Veronica - 3rd great-granddaughter
Colebrook, Andrea - 2nd great-granddaughter
Colebrook, Bradley - 2nd great-granddaughter
Colebrook, Brendon - 2nd great-grandson
Colebrook, Glenda Bethel - Great-granddaughter
Colebrook, Karen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Colebrook, Kimberly - 2nd great-granddaughter
Conliffe, Gabrielle - 3rd great-granddaughter
Conliffe, Gianna - 3rd great-granddaughter
Conliffe, Juliette Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cooper, Ain Trevor - 3rd great-grandson
Cooper, Albert - 3rd great-grandson
Cooper, Ann - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cooper, Bertram - 2nd great-grandson
Cooper, Connie Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cooper, Gregory - 2nd great-grandson
Cooper, Michael - 2nd great-grandson
Cooper, Pauline - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cooper, Pearl Bethel - Great-granddaughter
Cooper, Ressie - 2nd great-granddaughter
Cooper, Trey - 3rd great-grandson
Cooper, Troy - 3rd great-grandson
Cosby, Erin - 4th great-granddaughter
Cosby, Evin - 4th great-grandson
Covin, Delores V. Allen - Granddaughter
Cruz, Tyrone - 3rd great-grandson
Culmer, Alyssia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Culmer, Dan - 2nd great-grandson
Culmer, Kevin - 2nd great-grandson
Culmer, Phyllis Bethel - Great-granddaughter
Culmer, Russell - 2nd great-grandson
Daniels, Rachael Oliver - 2nd great-granddaughter
Daniels, Raymon - 3rd great-grandson
Daniels, Ronald - 3rd great-grandson
Darling, Deon - Great-grandson
Darling, Ellsworth - Great-grandson
Darling, Elsa - Great-granddaughter
Darling, Margaret - Great-granddaughter
Darling, Mary Allen - Granddaughter
Davis, Dominique - 3rd great-granddaughter
Davis, Dwight - 3rd great-grandson
Dawkins, Amy - 2nd great-granddaughter
Dawkins, Cameo - 3rd great-granddaughter
Dawkins, C'Angelo - 3rd great-grandson
Dawkins, Cedric - 2nd great-grandson
Dawkins, Corey - 2nd great-grandson
Dawkins, Craig - 2nd great-grandson
Dawkins, David - 3rd great-grandson
Dawkins, Ernest - Great-grandson
Dawkins, Harry - Great-grandson
Dawkins, Leola Allen - Granddaughter
Dawkins, Quamie - 3rd great-granddaughter
Dawkins, Rose - Great-granddaughter
Delancy, Adrian - 3rd great-grandson
Delancy, Brian - 3rd great-grandson
Delancy, Bristol - 3rd great-grandson
Delancy, Craig - 2nd great-grandson
Delancy, Deitra - 2nd great-granddaughter
Delancy, Kelly - 3rd great-granddaughter
Delancy, Lisa - 3rd great-granddaughter
Delancy, Peter - 2nd great-grandson
Delancy, Phillip - 2nd great-grandson
Delancy, Ruth McCartney - Great-granddaughter
Delancy, William - 2nd great-grandson
Dickerson, Barbara Butler - 2nd great-granddaughter
Diggs, Aaron - 2nd great-grandson
Diggs, Albert - 2nd great-grandson
Diggs, Brian - 2nd great-grandson
Diggs, Daryl - 2nd great-grandson
Diggs, Desmond - 2nd great-grandson
Diggs, Henry - Great-grandson
Diggs, Kenon - 2nd great-grandson
Diggs, Lela Allen - Granddaughter
Diggs, Newton - Great-grandson
Diggs, Truman III - 2nd great-grandson
Diggs, Truman, Jr. - Great-grandson
Dixon, Susan - 2nd great-granddaughter
Ebron, Patricia Allen - Granddaughter
Ebron, Shearon-  Great-granddaughter
Edwards, Daisy Carey - Granddaughter
Edwards, Harold - Great-grandson
Edwards, Marsha Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Engram, Jamal - 3rd great-grandson
Engram, Samiyah - 3rd great-grandson
Engram, Stephanie Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Feagan, Sharee Allen - 3rd great-granddaughter
Ferguson, Ashward - Great-grandson
Ferguson, Bertha Allen - Granddaughter
Ferguson, Charlene Wallace - 2nd great-granddaughter
Ferguson, Cymphony - 3rd great-granddaughter
Ferguson, Doretha Pratt - Great-granddaughter
Ferguson, LaRae - 2nd great-granddaughter
Finley, Junior - Great-grandson
Finley, Margaret Allen - Granddaughter
Fisher, Arnecia - 4th great-granddaughter
Fisher, Dashia - 4th great-granddaughter
Fisher, Deja - 4th great-granddaughter
Fisher, Gloria - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fisher, Gloria Allen - Great-granddaughter
Fisher, Isaac, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Fisher, Kiara - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fisher, Lance - 3rd great-grandson
Fisher, Lance, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Fisher, Michael - 3rd great-grandson
Fisher, Patrice - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fisher, Peter - 3rd great-grandson
Fisher, Robin - 2nd great-granddaughter
Fisher, Talisha - 4th great-granddaughter
Fisher, Tamari - 4th great-granddaughter
Fisher, Tondra - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fisher, Tonianica - 4th great-granddaughter
Fisher, Tuwania - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fisher, Tyrell - 3rd great-grandson
Fisher, Tyrell, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Fitts, Breanna - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fitts, Dannica Smith - Great-granddaughter
Fitts, Latoya -2 nd great-granddaughter
Fitts, Makaila - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fitts, Shawntel - 2nd great-granddaughter
Fowler, Gaylene Christie - Great-granddaughter
Fox, Cheri Saunders - 3rd great-granddaughter
Fox, Sheneice - 4th great-granddaughter
Freeman, Claudette 2- nd great-granddaughter
Freeman, Hansel - 3rd great-grandson
Gibson, Daylen - 3rd great-grandson
Gibson, Karvin - 3rd great-grandson
Gibson, Kendall - 3rd great-grandson
Gibson, Kim Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Glover, Alexandra - 3rd great-granddaughter
Glover, Alyssa - 3rd great-granddaughter
Glover, Amanda - 3rd great-granddaughter
Glover, Angela - 3rd great-granddaughter
Glover, Anthony - 2nd great-grandson
Glover, Aria - 3rd great-granddaughter
Glover, Mark - 2nd great-grandson
Glover, Mia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Glover, Pauline Dawkins - Great-granddaughter
Glover, Wanda - 2nd great-granddaughter
Gonzalez, Aileen - 3rd great-granddaughter
Gonzalez, Cheryl - 2nd great-granddaughter
Gonzalez, Ray, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Gonzalez, Victoria - 3rd great-granddaughter
Greene, Debra - 2nd great-granddaughter
Greene, Miriam Bailey - Great-granddaughter
Greene, Sylvester, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Greenway, Florence Allen - Great-granddaughter
Greenway, Franklin, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Hall, Clarissa - 2nd great-granddaughter
Harris, Antwon - 3rd great-grandson
Harrison, Bonnie Bailey - Great-granddaughter
Harrison, Latisha - 2nd great-granddaughter
Harrison, Talia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Hart, Fern Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Hartfield, Amanda - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hartfield, Andre - 2nd great-grandson
Hartfield, James - 2nd great-grandson
Hartfield, James, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Hartfield, Kameron - 3rd great-grandson
Hartfield, Sandra Allen - Great-granddaughter
Hartfield, Tanya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hartfield-Perez, Sonya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Haslem, Udonis - 3rd great-grandson
Hayes, Andre - 4th great-grandson
Hayes, Debra - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hayes, Devon - 4th great-grandson
Haymer, Braxton - 3rd great-grandson
Haymer, Eunice - 2nd great-granddaughter
Haymer, James, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Haymer, Shania - 3rd great-granddaughter
Henderson, Alvin - 2nd great-grandson
Henderson, Darnell - 3rd great-grandson
Henderson, Ernest - 2nd great-grandson
Henderson, Ernest, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Henderson, Kevin - 3rd great-grandson
Henderson, Lamar - 3rd great-grandson
Henderson, Tiffany - 3rd great-granddaughter
Herring, Bernard - 3rd great-grandson
Herring, Brooksie - Great-grandson
Herring, Crystal - 3rd great-granddaughter
Herring, Eric - 2nd great-grandson
Herring, Kiana - 3rd great-granddaughter
Herring, Kirk - 2nd great-grandson
Herring, Kirk, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Herring, Lisa - 2nd great-granddaughter
Herring, Lucile - 3rd great-granddaughter
Herring, Samuel - 3rd great-grandson
Hill, Morgan - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hill, Sheryl Whyms - 2nd great-granddaughter
Hillhouse, Danetta - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hills, Ambrea - 4th great-granddaughter
Hills, Gary - 3rd great-grandson
Hilton, GeAnne - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hilton, Kayla Wallace - 2nd great-granddaughter
Hilton, Randi - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hodges, Jerome - 3rd great-grandson
Holmes, Mona - 2nd great-granddaughter
Hood, Aretha Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Hood, Ayesha - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hood, Indya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Hood, Roger - 3rd great-grandson
Houston, Angie Carey - Granddaughter
Houston, Derrick - 2nd great-grandson
Houston, Eugene - Great-grandson
Houston, Rhonda - 2nd great-granddaughter
Houston, Thomas - 2nd great-grandson
Hughes, Clarice M. Allen - Granddaughter
Jackson, Gail Avery - 2nd great-granddaughter
Jackson, Jerry - 3rd great-grandson
Jackson, Keisha - 3rd great-granddaughter
Jackson, Marjorie Wright - 2nd great-granddaughter

Jarret, Jedidiah M. - 3rd great-grandson
Jarret, Lamont - 2nd great-grandson
Jarret, Linda Carey - Great-granddaughter
Jarret, Marco - 2nd great-grandson
Johnson, Cardell - 3rd great-grandson
Johnson, Michael - 2nd great-grandson
Johnson, Tangela Lusain - 3rd great-granddaughter
Jones, Christopher - 3rd great-grandson
Jones, Cori - 3rd great-granddaughter
Jones, Janice Hartfield - 2nd great-granddaughter
Kane, Jerome - 2nd great-grandson
Keys, Arthur - 2nd great-grandson
Keys, Diann Diggs - Great-granddaughter
Keys, Eric - 2nd great-grandson
Kirkman, Amanda - 3rd great-granddaughter
Knowles, Alonda - 3rd great-granddaughter
Knowles, Kendal, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Knowles, Kendall - 3rd great-grandson
Knowles, Lawrence, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Knowles, Lorenzo - 4th great-grandson
Knowles, Zola - 2nd great-granddaughter
Lang, Elijah - 4th great-grandson
Lang, Heather - 3rd great-granddaughter
Lang, Hilliard - 2nd great-grandson
Lang, James - 4th great-grandson
Lang, Lisa - 3rd great-granddaughter
Lang, Natasha - 3rd great-granddaughter
Leger, Keisha - 3rd great-granddaughter
Leger, Symeria - 4th great-granddaughter
Leggett, Donzel - 3rd great-grandson
Leggett, Donzel, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Leggett, Frank III - 4th great-grandson
Leggett, Frank, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Leggett, Gianna - 4th great-granddaughter
Leggett, Joan Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Leggett, Joanelle - 4th great-granddaughter
Leggett, Nikia - 4th great-granddaughter
Leggett, Sierra - 4th great-granddaughter
Leland, Shamika - 3rd great-granddaughter
Leland, Steven - 3rd great-grandson
Lusain, Joseph, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Lusain, Keynu - 4th great-granddaughter
Lusain, Theresa - 2nd great-granddaughter
Major, Dorene Allen - Great-granddaughter
Major, Jade - 2nd great-granddaughter
Major, Jasmine - 2nd great-granddaughter
Major, Jem - 2nd great-granddaughter
Major, Jewel - 2nd great-granddaughter
Massey, Keyshun - 4th great-grandson
Matthews, Gena - 2nd great-granddaughter
Matthews, Malik - 2nd great-grandson
Matthews, Marlowel - 2nd great-grandson
Matthews, Meka Brooks - Great-granddaughter
Matthews, Mercilyn - 2nd great-granddaughter
Matthews, Michelle - Great-granddaughter
Matthews, Terrell, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Maye, Donna - 2nd great-granddaughter
Maye, Joseph - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Addie Allen - Granddaughter
McCartney, Adrien - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Barrett - 2nd great-grandson
McCartney, Brandon - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, C. Arnold - Great-grandson
McCartney, Darren - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Drew - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Garvin - 2nd great-grandson
McCartney, Georgette - 3rd great-granddaughter
McCartney, Jamal - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Kameron - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Karl - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Keisha - 3rd great-granddaughter
McCartney, Keith - 2nd great-grandson
McCartney, Lennox - 2nd great-grandson
McCartney, Mario - 3rd great-grandson
McCartney, Mark - 2nd great-grandson
McCartney, Marlese - 3rd great-granddaughter
McCartney, Meghan - 3rd great-granddaughter
McCartney, Melissa - 3rd great-granddaughter
McCartney, Michelle - 3rd great-granddaughter
McCartney, William - Great-grandson
McCartney, William II - 2nd great-grandson
McCartney, William III - 3rd great-grandson
McDonald, Daniel - 3rd great-grandson
McDonald, Latara - 3rd great-granddaughter
McDonald, Tonia Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
McDonald, Vincent - 3rd great-grandson
McDonald, Yvanna - 3rd great-granddaughter
McDuffy, DeAsia - 4th great-granddaughter
McDuffy, Desantis Small - 3rd great-granddaughter
McHardy, Dale Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
McHardy, Perry - 3rd great-granddaughter
McHardy, Tarah - 3rd great-granddaughter
McHardy, Terri - 3rd great-granddaughter
McIntyre, Carolyn Diane - 2nd great-granddaughter
McIver, Cathy Fisher - 2nd great-granddaughter
McIver, Dora - 3rd great-granddaughter
McIver, Isaac - 3rd great-grandson
McPhee, Janelle - 2nd great-granddaughter
McPhee, Jennifer Miller - Great-granddaughter
Merchant, Ari - 3rd great-granddaughter
Merchant, Keikei - 3rd great-granddaughter
Merchant, Tuynua Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Miller, Alano - 2nd great-grandson
Miller, Alex - 4th great-grandson
Miller, Antonio - 2nd great-grandson
Miller, Ariel - 4th great-granddaughter
Miller, Audrey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Miller, Courtney - 3rd great-grandson
Miller, Fred - 2nd great-grandson
Miller, Grace Sands - Great-granddaughter
Miller, Jane Allen - Granddaughter
Miller, Kevin - 3rd great-grandson
Miller, Mark - Great-grandson
Miller, Michael - 3rd great-grandson
Mingo, Cozelle - 2nd great-grandson
Mingo, Donald - 2nd great-grandson
Mingo, Giselle - 2nd great-granddaughter
Mingo, Joyce Edwards - Great-granddaughter
Miranda, Manuel - 3rd great-grandson
Mitchell, Violet Allen - Granddaughter
Mobley, Cambridge - 3rd great-grandson
Mobley, James III - 3rd great-grandson
Mobley, Jamesia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Mobley, Javaan - 3rd great-granddaughter
Moncur, Agustus - 2nd great-grandson
Moncur, Alexandra - 2nd great-granddaughter
Moncur, Amanda - 2nd great-granddaughter
Moncur, Anita - 2nd great-granddaughter
Moncur, Dorothy McCartney - Great-granddaughter
Monroe, Lucretia Allen - Great-granddaughter
Moore, Alexandria - 3rd great-granddaughter
Moore, Andrea Fisher - 2nd great-granddaughter
Moore, Cedric - 3rd great-grandson
Moore, Cedric - 3rd great-grandson
Moore, Clarence, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Moore, Donna Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Moore, Imani - 4th great-granddaughter
Moore, Jarvis - 3rd great-grandson
Moore, Monica Bailey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Moore, Quanzell - 3rd great-grandson
Moore, Shante - 3rd great-granddaughter
Morgan, Claishawn - 3rd great-granddaughter
Morgan, Lee - 4th great-grandson
Moses, Deneaz - 3rd great-grandson
Mozeak, Jovonna - 2nd great-granddaughter
Mumford, Ophelia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Munnings, Wayne, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Murphy, Dominique - 2nd great-granddaughter
Murphy, Kyles - 2nd great-grandson
Nichols, Joanna  - 4th great-granddaughter
Nichols, Judy Leggett - 3rd great-granddaughter
Nichols, Kori - 4th great-granddaughter
Nottage, Edwin Lloyd - Great-grandson
Nunnally, Jonathan - 3rd great-grandson
Nunnally, Pamela - 2nd great-granddaughter
Oliver, Charles - 2nd great-granddaughter
Oliver, Georgia Allen - Great-granddaughter
Oliver, Jewel - 3rd great-granddaughter
Oliver, Kermit - 2nd great-granddaughter
Oliver, Leon, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Oliver, Noel - 2nd great-grandson
Oliver, Noel, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Oliver, Zalisha - 3rd great-granddaughter
Oliver, Zashawada - 3rd great-granddaughter
Owens, Chevene - 3rd great-granddaughter
Owens, Shelbi - 4th great-granddaughter
Owens, Sidney - 4th great-granddaughter
Owens, Simone - 4th great-granddaughter
Pajaro, Alys Sarah - 3rd great-granddaughter
Pajaro, Guiliah Rose - 3rd great-granddaughter
Pajaro, Sarah Smith - 2nd great-granddaughter
Pass, James - 3rd great-grandson
Payne, Candi - 3rd great-granddaughter
Payne, Christopher-  3rd great-grandson
Payne, Donna Brown - 2nd great-granddaughter
Payne, Wyatt - 3rd great-grandson
Pelote, Harold - 2nd great-grandson
Pelote, Robert, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Peoples, Brian - 3rd great-grandson
Peoples, Darlene  - 2nd great-granddaughter
Peoples, Kevin - 3rd great-grandson
Phipps, Ezekiel - 4th great-grandson
Picton, Deontray - 4th great-grandson
Picton, Latanya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Picton, Latonya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Powell, Maliyah - 4th great-granddaughter
Powell, Miclain - 4th great-grandson
Rahming, Katlin - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rahming, Keia - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rahming, Lisa Valdez - 2nd great-granddaughter
Ramsey, Annie Carey Allen - Granddaughter
Randle, Philip - 3rd great-grandson
Randolph, Alethea - 2nd great-granddaughter
Randolph, Derek - 2nd great-grandson
Randolph, Derek, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Randolph, George - 2nd great-grandson
Randolph, Michael - 3rd great-grandson
Randolph, Portia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Randolph, Renae - 3rd great-granddaughter
Randolph, Rinita - 3rd great-granddaughter
Randolph, Sharon - 2nd great-granddaughter
Reeves, Anthony Allen - 3rd great-grandson
Reid, Charlotte - 3rd great-granddaughter
Reid, Eric - 4th great-grandson
Reid, Jason - 4th great-grandson
Reid, Jeremy - 4th great-grandson
Reid, Michael - 4th great-grandson
Rice, Alvarez - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rice, Anthony - 4th great-grandson
Rice, Cassie - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rice, Daniette - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rice, Denise - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rice, Malicia - 4th great-granddaughter
Rice, Orlando - 4th great-grandson
Richardson, Franklin - 3rd great-grandson
Richardson, Jeremy - 3rd great-grandson
Riley, Tellicia - 4th great-granddaughter
Rivas, DaMonica - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rivas, DeAnna - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rivas, Gina Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Roberts, Brenda Diggs - Great-granddaughter
Roberts, Devon - 2nd great-grandson
Roberts, Roma, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Robertson, Angel Hugh - 3rd great-grandson
Robertson, Brandon - 3rd great-grandson
Robertson, Dolores Carey - Great-granddaughter
Robertson, Georgette - 2nd great-granddaughter
Robertson, Hugh - 2nd great-grandson
Robertson, Hugh III - 3rd great-grandson
Robertson, James - 2nd great-grandson
Robertson, Lenarldo - 3rd great-grandson
Robertson, Renton - 2nd great-grandson
Robinson, Chanel - 3rd great-granddaughter
Robinson, Rodger - 3rd great-grandson
Robinson, Sherelle - 4th great-granddaughter
Robinson, Travis - 4th great-grandson
Robinson, Tray - 4th great-grandson
Robinson, Tyrelle - 4th great-grandson
Rochester, Mosae - 4th great-grandson
Rodrigues, Kaleena - 3rd great-granddaughter
Rodrigues, Kunia - 3rd great-granddaughter

Rodriguez, Alexander - 4th great-grandson
Rothmund, Raymeo - 3rd great-grandson
Sands, Norman - Great-grandson
Sands, Olive Allen - Granddaughter
Saunders, Antonio - 4th great-grandson
Saunders, Cassandra - 3rd great-granddaughter
Saunders, Kentrell - 3rd great-grandson
Saunders, Shirley Butler - 2nd great-granddaughter
Sawyer, Corey - 3rd great-grandson
Sawyer, Corey, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Sawyer, Mercedes - 4th great-granddaughter
Sawyer, Rolanda - 3rd great-granddaughter
Seals, Clement - 2nd great-grandson
Seals, Norbert - 2nd great-grandson
Seals, Norbert, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Shockley, Emma Allen - Great-granddaughter
Shockley, Oliver - 3rd great-grandson
Short, LaShae - 3rd great-granddaughter
Simmons, Cislyn Delancy - 2nd great-granddaughter
Simmons, Doretha - 2nd great-granddaughter
Simmons, Terrilyn - 3rd great-granddaughter
Simmons, Theodore, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Simmons, Vashti - 3rd great-grandson
Simmons, Vaughan - 3rd great-grandson
Singleton, Harold - 3rd great-grandson
Sippio, Cuore-e - nd great-granddaughter
Small, Clarence, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Small, Martha - 2nd great-granddaughter
Small, Vonchae - 3rd great-grandson
Smith, Adeesha - Great-granddaughter
Smith, Allen - Great-grandson
Smith, Andrew - 3rd great-grandson
Smith, Autumn G. - 3rd great-granddaughter
Smith, Caress - 2nd great-granddaughter
Smith, Charlotte - 2nd great-granddaughter
Smith, Cleomie Allen - Granddaughter
Smith, Daniel - Great-grandson
Smith, Faye Carey - Great-granddaughter
Smith, Gwendolyn Fisher - 2nd great-granddaughter
Smith, Jenese - 3rd great-granddaughter

Smith, Jerry A. - 2nd great-grandson
Smith, John - Great-grandson
Smith, Kevin J. - Great-grandson
Smith, Monica G. Allen -  Granddaughter
Smith, Simon - 2nd great-grandson
Smith, Simone - 3rd great-granddaughter
Smith, Tomea Sippio - 2nd great-granddaughter
Sobiech, Alyssa Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Sobiech, Kaitlyn - 3rd great-granddaughter
Sobiech, Stefan - 3rd great-grandson
Southhole, Bernadette - 2nd great-granddaughter
Southhole, Herman - 3rd great-grandson
Southhole, Herman, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Southhole, Tasha - 3rd great-granddaughter
Spano, Nelsena Burt - 2nd great-granddaughter
Stevens, Eureka Allen - Great-granddaughter
Stevenson, Anthony - 4th great-grandson
Stocker, Livingston - 3rd great-grandson
Storr, Antin - 3rd great-grandson
Storr, Chelsea - 3rd great-granddaughter
Storr, Clinton - 2nd great-grandson
Storr, Clinton, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Storr, Phyllis Allen - Great-granddaughter
Storr, Torrey - 3rd great-grandson
Strapp, JaNyce Sippio - Great-granddaughter
Strapp, Jaroda - 2nd great-granddaughter
Sullivan, Priscilla - 2nd great-granddaughter
Taylor, Ashleigh - 4th great-granddaughter
Taylor, Dawn Allen - Great-granddaughter
Taylor, Hesamui - 2nd great-grandson
Taylor, Javoun - 2nd great-grandson
Teate, Sheila - 2nd great-granddaughter
Thompson, Alexis - 4th great-granddaughter
Thompson, Alexzander - 4th great-grandson
Thompson, Anthony - 3rd great-grandson

Thompson, Arianna - 4th great-granddaughter
Thompson, Robert - 3rd great-grandson
Thompson, Robert III - 4th great-grandson
Thrasher, Blake, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Thrasher, Jane LaKay Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Torrence, Joy Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Turner, Carmen  - 2nd great-granddaughter
Turner, Mary  - 2nd great-granddaughter
Turner, Precious Brown - 2nd great-granddaughter
Turnquest, Carey - 3rd great-grandson
Turnquest, Erin - 3rd great-granddaughter
Turnquest, Robert - 3rd great-grandson
Turnquest, Shawn Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Tyler, Alpha - 3rd great-grandson
Tyler, Alpha, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Tyler, Daisha - 4th great-granddaughter
Tyler, Lenora Edwards - Great-granddaughter
Tyler, Shoulton - 2nd great-grandson
Tynes, Chelsea - 3rd great-granddaughter
Tynes, Christopher - 3rd great-grandson
Tynes, Tonya McCartney - 2nd great-granddaughter
Valdez, Brian - 4th great-grandson
Valdez, Christopher - 2nd great-grandson
Valdez, Cindy - 3rd great-granddaughter
Valdez, Donjae - 4th great-grandson
Valdez, Jeanette Carey-  Granddaughter
Valdez, Karen Allen - 3rd great-granddaughter
Valdez, Keith - 3rd great-grandson
Valdez, Keith, Jr. - 4th great-grandson
Wallace, A. Angela McCartney - Great-granddaughter
Wallace, Anita Bethel - Great-granddaughter
Wallace, Brandon - 3rd great-grandson
Wallace, Carvill - 2nd great-grandson
Wallace, Melissa Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Wallace, Tamika - 3rd great-granddaughter
Ward, Deshonte - 4th great-granddaughter
Ward, Tequila - 4th great-granddaughter
Ware, Benny III - 4th great-grandson
Ware, Benny, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Ware, Brenda - 3rd great-granddaughter
Ware, Indigo - 4th great-granddaughter
Ware, Kelsey - 4th great-granddaughter
Ware, Tocarra - 4th great-granddaughter
Washington, Enrique - 3rd great-grandson
Washington, T'Nia - 4th great-granddaughter
Wesley, Dante - 4th great-grandson
Wesley, Kenderick - 4th great-grandson
Wesley, Kevin - 3rd great-grandson
Wesley, Oneida Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Wesley, Rachelle - 3rd great-granddaughter
Wesley, Tashauna  3rd great-granddaughter
Whitt, Alphonso - 2nd great-grandson
Whitt, Anthony - 3rd great-grandson
Whitt, Antonette 3- rd great-granddaughter
Whitt, Jasmine - 3rd great-granddaughter
Whitt, Judy Bailey - Great-granddaughter
Whitt, Kenneth - 2nd great-grandson
Whitt, Robin - 2nd great-granddaughter
Whitt, Tina - 3rd great-granddaughter
Whitt, Tonya - 3rd great-granddaughter
Whyms, Andrea 3rd great-granddaughter
Whyms, Brian - 3rd great-grandson
Whyms, Colinthia - 2nd great-granddaughter
Whyms, Elizabeth - 3rd great-granddaughter
Whyms, Kelvin - 2nd great-grandson
Whyms, Kelvin, Jr. - 3rd great-grandson
Whyms, Michael - 3rd great-grandson
Whyms, Robert III - 2nd great-grandson
Whyms, Ryan - 3rd great-grandson
Whyms, Thelma Allen - Great-granddaughter
Williams, Adrianne Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Williams, Annie Allen - Granddaughter
Williams, Derrick - 2nd great-grandson
Williams, Deshawnta Butler - 3rd great-granddaughter
Williams, Dionne Bailey - - 2nd great-granddaughter
Williams, Herbert - Great-grandson
Williams, Ivanna - 4th great-granddaughter
Williams, Joseph - Great-grandson
Williams, LaTeeche - 3rd great-granddaughter
Williams, Lloyd - 3rd great-grandson
Williams, Malik - 3rd great-grandson
Williams, Nathan IV - 3rd great-grandson
Williams, Nikii  3rd great-granddaughter
Williams, Tariq - 4th great-grandson
Williams, Valon - 2nd great-granddaughter
Willis, Carl, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Wilson, Cobina Carey - 2nd great-granddaughter
Winston, David - 3rd great-grandson
Winston, Jeremiah - 4th great-grandson
Winters, Adrina Allen - Great-granddaughter
Wise, Camilla - 3rd great-granddaughter
Wise, Dane - 4th great-grandson
Wise, Darrian - 4th great-grandson
Wise, Doland - 4th great-grandson
Wong, Adam - 3rd great-grandson
Wong, Janeen Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Woodward, Fredrick - 3rd great-grandson
Woodward, Theresa Fisher - 2nd great-granddaughter
Woolery, Aaron - 4th great-grandson
Woolery, Andrea - 4th great-granddaughter
Wooten, Barbara Allen - 2nd great-granddaughter
Wooten, Sharon - 3rd great-granddaughter
Wright, Cynthia 2- nd great-granddaughter
Wright, Marjorie Allen - Great-granddaughter
Young, Uriel Bailey - 3rd great-grandson

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