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 Carmen Turner (left) and reunion founder Faye Carey Smith at the picnic during the 2002 Allen Family Reunion in Key West.

 Welcome to our family website!

     Many, many thanks to Faye Carey Smith, pictured on the right with me at the 2002 Allen Family Reunion in Key West. 

     Faye is a great-granddaughter of William & Addie Allen, and is the person who originated the Allen Family Reunions in Nassau in 1985.  We can't thank her enough for having the vision and foresight to bring this sprawling family together.  She has inspired so many of us to learn about the history and legacy of the Allen Family, and for this and many other things, we thank her. 

     I have always been interested in our genealogy, but my research began in earnest in 1997.  That year, the Key West Allens hosted the first Allen Family Reunion held on American soil.  The reunion committee and I wanted to document our history in writing as a keepsake for those in attendance, and so I embarked upon what has been an incredibly rewarding journey of discovery. 

     The important thing is that we can ALL embark upon this journey.  It is made possible because of Faye and other Allen descendants who shared oral histories, photos, documents and other family mementos.  Sincere thanks to everyone who helped piece together the story of William & Addie Allen and their descendants.   

     We share our history and genealogy on this website so that everyone - especially our younger generations - will know and appreciate their Allen roots.  Our goal is also to bring our very large extended family together by sharing relevant family news and by encouraging attendance at our reunions.

    Allen descendants, remember that your contributions, comments and suggestions are always welcome on this website.  Please feel free to e-mail me at  I'd love to hear from you.




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