Allen Family Scholarship

Application & Criteria


Application Deadline:  June 30, 2012!

Instructions:  Please print this page and include it and all required information with your application packet.  All scholarship criteria must be met and applications must be complete for student to be considered for the scholarship.


  *Name: _____________________________________________

  *Address: ___________________________________________________________________

  *Telephone: _________________________          *E-mail:  _____________________________

*Required information


    1.  Please submit this form with a cover letter introducing yourself, detailing your career plans and listing which college or university you are (or will be) enrolled in, which year you are currently completing, and your expected date of graduation.  Tell us why you are a good candidate for this scholarship award!

  2.  In your cover letter, please detail your lineage and demonstrate that you are a direct descendant of William & Addie Allen.  For example:  I am Carmen Turner, daughter of Eureka Allen Turner Stevens, granddaughter of William W. Allen, great-granddaughter of Rev. George W. Allen, and great, great-granddaughter of William & Addie Allen.  Only direct Allen descendants are eligible for this scholarship. 

  3.  You must possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.  Please attach a copy of your most recent transcript to verify.

  4.  You must demonstrate involvement in both church and community activities.  Please submit letters of recommendation from individuals who supervise or sponsor these activities.

  5.  Though not required, scholarship applicants are encouraged to attend family reunions, particularly the one during which you may be awarded a scholarship.  If you cannot attend, please arrange for a family member to accept any award you may be granted.

  6.  Your application packet must be returned to the Allen Family Scholarship Committee, c/o Carmen Turner, P.O. Box 1704, Key West, FL 33041, received or postmarked no later than the advertised deadline of June 30, 2012 Absolutely no exceptions to the deadline.

      Note:  If you are awarded the scholarship, you must provide proof of enrollment to earn a minimum of 6 credit hours prior to receiving scholarship funds.  Additionally, students who are awarded the scholarship must successfully complete one semester of college prior to receiving scholarship funds.

Scholarship applications should be mailed to:

Allen Family Scholarship Committee

c/o Carmen Turner

P.O. Box 1704

Key West, FL  33041-1704

Questions?  E-mail Carmen Turner at  or contact any committee member.


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