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The Baby Bulletin


Let's welcome baby Jerry Allen Smith, a descendant of Rev. Alexander Allen!  Little Jerry is the son of Kevin "Jerry" Smith and the grandson of the late Monica Allen Smith of Daytona Beach.  This little cutie pie was born September 23, 2007.  His dad was the assistant coordinator of the 2004 Allen Family Reunion held in Daytona Beach.  We know he's a proud parent, along with mom Capris Murphy!

Congrats go out to our Daytona cousins on the new addition to the family!




Willie Butcher's branch of the family tree has a new leaf!  Welcome baby Jedidiah Marcus Jarret, the son of Marco & Marcie Jarret and the grandson of Linda Jarret of Nassau.  He was born this past autumn and is a descendant of Willie Butcher Allen of the Bahamas. 




Grand Graduates


Both Sheldon Y. Allen and his wife Tanisha Allen, will both graduate this June from Phoenix University.  Sheldon will receive his Business Degree.  He is now a Facilitator for the Publix Company, based in Georgia.  And Tee (his wife) will receive her Bachelor's degree in Education and is now working on her Master's degree in the same field. 

Sheldon is the son of 2008 reunion organizer Yvette Allen.  They are descendants of Rev. Alexander Allen.  Congratulations to both Sheldon and his wife on the great accomplishment!



Lamont Jarret has successfully completed the MBA/Financial Analysis program at NJIT, New Jersey.  He graduated magna cum laude on May 17, and the whole family was there to celebrate!  He has just begun a career as a financial analyst in New York with Lord and Taylor.  Lamont is the son of Linda Jarret of Nassau, and a descendant of Willie Butcher Allen.  Congratulations, Lamont, and many wishes for a bright and successful future!



Congratulations to Megan McCartney, who graduated this spring from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Biology!  She is not letting any grass grow under her feet - she began graduate studies May 12 at the same university.  Megan is the daughter of Garvin McCartney and granddaughter of Arnold and Mary McCartney, and a descendant of Willie Butcher Allen of the Bahamas.  Excellent job, Megan!



Career Tracks


We are SO PROUD of Donzel Leggett, who has just been named a Vice President at General Mills, Inc.  He has leadership responsibility for Pillsbury USA and Yoplait manufacturing facilities.  Prior to his promotion, Donzel led his team to record levels of productivity and created strategies for expanding his division's capacity while dramatically lowering costs.  He continues to play an important part in recruiting, mentoring and diversity initiatives.  Donzel has been with General Mills since 1996.  He has earned Bachelor and Masters degrees in Industrial Technology from Purdue, and has earned an MBA from Nova Southeastern. 

He is the son of Joan Allen Leggett, and a descendant of Mary Allen Carey.  Outstanding accomplishment, Donzel.  We wish you the very best!



Derrick Cartwright of Miami, son of Glendina Carey Cartwright, is beginning a new career with the Social Security Administration in one of the South Florida Teleservice Centers!  His position will entail fielding calls to the agency's 800 number, which requires knowledge of the variety of Social Security programs and benefits administered by this federal agency.  With his background and expertise in computer matters, he will be a strong addition.  His mom is a supervisor with the same agency in one of the Miami district offices, so he's continuing quite a legacy.  Derrick is a descendant of Rev. George W. Allen of Key West.  Congratulations, Derrick!




Sensational Students


Daniel Clark has been invited to attend Grammy Camp, a two-week music related summer camp for high school students who excel in their given craft.  Daniel, of course, is a drummer and has been playing drums since he was three years old.  Grammy Camp is held in Los Angeles, CA, and is a branch of the Grammy Foundation which houses the Grammy Awards. The camp selects only 75 students from around the country and it's highly competitive.  Daniel was required to submit an audition DVD showing his skills in three genres of music.  He choose Jazz, R & B and Rock, in addition to an essay explaining why he should be considered. 

He is the son of Adrienne Lynne Leggett-Clark and grandson of Joan Allen Leggett, making him a descendant of Mary Allen Carey.  Fantastic job, Daniel - you make your family proud!



Congratulations to the Willie & Phillippa Delancy family.  Willie is the great-grandson of Willie Butcher Allen of the Bahmas.  They are pleased to announce:


Their son Adrian Delancy, will be doing a research internship in fluid mechanics at Harvard for 2 months beginning June 15. 

Daughter Kelly Delancy, will be participating in an immersion program at Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico, through The College of The Bahamas for  6 weeks beginning June 1.
Daughter Lesa Delancy, a high school student,  completed a three-week Spanish course in Costa Rica during the month of March.

Congratulations to the entire family!



Emanuel Clark was recently selected into the Davidson College Chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa.  This honor society recognizes excellence in leadership, service, and scholarship in the Davidson community.  He has also been selected for an internship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington,  DC.  The FBI chooses two students from each state; Emanuel will represent Georgia.

He just completed the spring semester at Barton College in Barcelona, Spain!  He was there from January 7 through April 25 when several family members, including mom Lynn (pictured with Emanuel at left) and grandmother Joan,  decided to join him for an exciting European vacation. He is an Anthropology major in his junior year, minoring in Spanish at Davidson College in North Carolina.

This young man has a bright future and we are so proud of him!  He is the son of Denny and Adrienne Lynne Leggett-Clark, grandson of Joan Allen Leggett, and a descendant of Mary Allen Carey.



Engagements, Weddings & Anniversaries


Congratulations to Gus Moncur of Nassau, son of Dorothy McCartney Moncur, on his recent engagement!  He and his fiancée, Conra Missick, are planning a late spring/early summer wedding in 2009.  Wonderful news, Gus!  He is a descendant of Willie Butcher Allen of the Bahamas. 



Pause and Remember...


Our sincere sympathy to the family of Ruth Delancy, daughter of the late Addie Allen McCartney and granddaughter of Willie Butcher Allen of the Bahamas. She is pictured at left with her devoted son Willie, organizer of the 2006 Allen Family Reunion in Nassau.  Cousin Ruth had been ill for an extended period of time, and was sadly followed shortly by her husband.  Godspeed, and prayers to her family.


Our sympathy is also extended to the family of Ruth Allen Brooks, youngest of James A. Allen's daughters and granddaughter of William & Addie Allen.  She passed on March 8, having suffered a massive stroke 10 days earlier from which she never recovered.  Her daughter Meka reports she would've been 80 years old in October.  Please continue to keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.



If you have news to share with the family, e-mail Carmen at

and I'll be happy to include it!



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